Ph.D in Physics from the University Paris 6. 26 October 2004. Title: Inertial Wetting and Dewetting: Triplons, Vibrated puddles, Shocks waves
Research advisor : Prof. Francoise Brochard-Wyart. Laboratory Physico-Chimie Curie, Institut Curie, Paris.

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     Summary :
We have studied the statics and the dynamics of a floating triple line. We have build a triple line tensiometer by measuring the force exerted by the line when we pull on it. We measure the dispersion relation associated to the waves propagating along this line ("Triplons" ).
  We have then studied water puddle deposited on vibrated solid substrate (frequency fe). Above a first threshold in amplitude, we observe the depinning of the line and the radius of the puddle starts to oscillates. Above a second threshold, we observe an instability of the contour at frequency fe/2, parametrically excited by the variations of the drop radius.
  We have finally studied the fast dewetting of a water film floating on a non miscible liquid substrate, denser and non miscible. We have measured the dewetting velocity V versus the film thickness e. When V is larger than the velocity of surface waves, we observe a cascade of shocks propagating ahead or behind the rim collecting the water.

Comittee :
  Mme Anne Marie Cazabat (President)
  Mme Elisabeth Charlaix (Referee)
  Mme Michèle Adler (Referee)
  M. Yves Couder
  M. Jean-Pierre Hulin
  Mme Françoise Brochard-Wyart (Advisor)